We are, first and foremost, a restaurant that serves food that has recipes that originate from Brazil. We are world-renowned in the restaurant world as a premier location to enjoy good food and have great entertainment. We love serving people by offering them the best curated Brazilian menu possible. And this is done only through the extensive research and continuous improvement of our team.

Located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, we are just a few kilometers away from the top country destinations. If you are on your Amsterdam holiday for the weekend, we recommend that you visit our restaurant to have a taste of the best Brazilian cuisine in all of the Netherlands. Make your Amsterdam city trip more memorable by taking a tour of our restaurant.

Ever since we opened this restaurant in the 1980s, we have been the staple food for most of the locals here. And because of the word-of-mouth as well as the overall warm reception for us by the people in Eindhoven and the nearby cities, we started to become recognized as one of the top restaurants in the country.

We are now serving thousands of customers per day. Tourists get reservations for our seats every day to experience the sumptuous meals that we offer our guests. Be sure to book a seat days in advance to secure your place and eat at our restaurant.