Brazilian Fruits that You Need to Taste

breakfastBrazilian cuisine is one of the most delicious meals that you can eat in the world. Brazil has created some of the best-tasting exotic, gastronomic, and satisfying food available. What makes them unique on their own is the type of fruits that grow mainly in Brazil. Much like cheap hotels in Amsterdam for groups is very scarce and is hard to find, so are Brazilian fruits in any other part of the globe. This is why no matter how hard a restaurant tries to replicate a Brazilian dish, it cannot completely achieve the full taste of the meal. Here are some of the fruits that you need to taste on its own to appreciate the Brazilian dishes that we have.

You may have tasted this lovely purple circular berries that are found in Brazil. This fruit is mostly used in smoothies, shakes, juices, and energy drinks. If you look at some of the weight loss products available on the market today, you will also see açaí as an ingredient. Some say that açaí is a superfood because of the many nutrients that come from this fruit. It is rich in protein, fiber, and good kinds of fats. In Brazil, you can get it almost anywhere, even on the streets and on the beach.


Maracujá is the passion fruit of Brazil. It is a very popular fruit that is used mainly in liquors and other types of alcoholic beverages like cocktails. Maracujá is also used as a major ingredient in mousse and cake. Brazil is the highest exporter of maracujá. The best-tasting maracujá mousse is much like Broad Museum tickets deals because it gets more difficult to find one near your home.

passion fruit



You might be familiar with this one. It is goiaba or guava. Although a lot of guava trees grow in some parts of North America, the ones that grow in South America, particularly in Brazil, are very sweet. Goiaba is used to make guava cheese, guava paste, and other types of purees and desserts. Guava is a great source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, lycopene, manganese, folate, and other nutrients.