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Eating at an authentic restaurant is really an experience. Dining in a place where you can eat genuine food from a particular country not only bring you to that specific area of the world but you also have to taste the culture of that nation and the diversity of the people who cooked and invented the combination and concoction of the ingredients that produced the food that you are eating today. It is a fun and exciting event in one’s life to finally be face-to-face with the food that you desire and slowly take a piece of that cuisine and add it to your widening palate.

Genuine Restaurant

But as much as we would like to go to all the authentic restaurants near your area, it is quite impossible to go have genuine cuisines served to you. You have to search wide and deep to find authentic restaurants that serve rich and genuine dishes from the country that they claim them to be from. Not all themed restaurants are the same. You should make sure that you can dine in a restaurant that only serves authentic dishes with recipes that are cooked by a chef that are either native to the land or has a lot of training and experience cooking the dish.


Brazilian Restaurant

Brazilian cuisine should be treated with care. You can readily taste Brazilian food if it is authentic or not because of the way that the food is handled. Brazilian cuisine is cooked with passion and love. These same traits can be found in the people themselves. With the qualities of passion and love for the culture that Brazil has, the chef of their dishes transfers the same characteristics to their food. And you can easily spot a genuine Brazilian dish. This is especially true for those who have repeatedly tasted this kind of cuisine.

Our Restaurant

We are an authentic Brazilian restaurant that is located at Eindhoven, Netherlands. We serve genuine Brazilian dishes and bring good food, clean fun, and amazing entertainment for our guests. All the dishes that you are looking for can be found in our restaurant. Being headed by a chef that is native to the country and has a lot of experience working in the kitchens of Brazil, you are sure to receive an order that is as real as it gets. Dining with us is like being brought to the table in Rio de Janeiro, the original location of the restaurant in Brazil. Whether you are on your Amsterdam holiday or your Amsterdam city trip, you will have the time of your life on your stay here at our restaurant.

Making Reservations

Because of the influx of people going to our restaurant, we highly recommend booking table days or weeks in advance. This is to make sure that you will secure a seat and dine with us. If you are having a special celebration, we advise you to contact us to make your event truly special. You can go to our Contact page for more information about reservation.

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Abram Oliviera

Abram Oliviera head our marketing team for the restaurant. He writes most of our articles and is also active in our social media accounts. When he is not in the restaurant, he is enjoying a nice Amsterdam holiday somewhere or relaxing on a dinner cruise in Amsterdam.