Street Food that You Should Try While You Are in Brazil

The bright lights, the colorful clothing, and the amazing dances are some of the best parts that Brazil has to offer. But aside from these luxurious offerings, Brazil is also known for its street food. Every culture offers a different version of themselves in the street food that they provide locals and tourists. And with Brazil, you are in for a treat.


For those of our website visitors who have been on an Amsterdam city trip or been to an Amsterdam holiday, you would love this street food from Brazil. This dish is called picanha. It is barbecued meat. And Brazilians are pretty good at cooking barbecue. The tradition is this. The meat is placed or skewed on a metal spit and is cooked over hot coal. There is no over-complexity in this dish. The meat is just seasoned with salt. That’s’ it. The main focus for picanha is the part of the meat used which is the top part of the sirloin steak.

Everybody loves pastry. This goes the same for Brazilians. Pastel de queijo is a deep-fried pastry that is often stuffed with chicken, pork, or beef. This street food is portable. After buying it, you can carry it almost anywhere.

Cassava Chips

Those who want a light and healthy snack may opt to choose cassava chips as their street food. Made from real cassava, these chips are available in every busy street in Brazil. This is a great alternative to the usual potato chips that most people are acquainted with.


If you are interested in Brazilian street food, you should come and visit our restaurant. This month, we are trying out a new set of dishes that would blow your mind. You would instantly think that you are walking on the streets of Brazil as you dine inside our restaurant. You should do it with your friends and family so that you can have the experience together. If you can invite someone who has gone to Brazil, it is better to invite him too. We would love to hear some feedback from all of you and see whether we should include all of these new dishes in our daily offerings. Any comment and suggestions will be well-received by the restaurant.