Top Traditional Brazilian Foods

steakBrazilian food is something that you should try out at least once in your life. If you taste it, we guarantee you that you will develop a new liking for this kind of cuisine. There is always charm with Brazilian food. Once you put a piece of this kind of food in your lips, you will say that this food came from Brazil, the land full of color, diversity, and beauty.

For those who are new to Brazilian dishes, here are some that you can test to see how great and sumptuous Brazilian cuisine is. Anyone with a wide palate will enjoy tasting one or all of these delicacies.

When we speak of Brazilian food, we are often directed to barbecue. It is because Brazil is mainly a country wherein people can cook almost anywhere. And since livestock is also available for sale almost everywhere, it is quite easy to see barbecue being cooked from different sides of the street. Picanha is a type of barbecue that Brazilians season only with salt. The crucial part of cooking picanha is the part of the meat used. Pick the top part of the sirloin steak and use it for your picanha.


If you are into soups and stews, you will love moqueca. It is a fish stew that is cooked inside a clay pot. Talk about cooking using the old style, right? The ingredients for this stew include fish, onions, coriander, and tomato. Sometimes, coconut milk is utilized to make the soup a little creamier.



For those who have a sweet tooth, the brigadeiros are the right Brazilian traditional food for you. It is their version of the truffles. The kids in Brazil love this food. And they are surprisingly easy to create. The cocoa powder is rolled into condensed milk and then mixed with butter. And there you have it! A nice sweet treat to cleanse your palate and enjoy more of these Brazilian dishes.

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